Storage Solution

Storage and disaster recovery

  • What is Data Storage and Disaster Recovery?

    Data Storage and Disaster Recovery (DR) go hand-in-hand. They help an organization to effectively store, manage and backup data so that it is available even after a disaster.

  • What DS and DR solutions do Incanic Technologies offer?

    Incanic Technologies understands that data is central to your organization.

    We help organizations implement policies to reduce duplication, automatic backup service in a data center, verification of a valid backup, products and service maintenance for data protection.

  • Why DS and DR solutions by Incanic Technologies?

    General Technologies helps guard organizations against outages. We help implement business-continuity and DR solutions to prevent loss of productivity, reputation, and revenue for your organization. We help streamline and protect your business with “business-specific solutions” for data center, remote sites, or the cloud.

  • Why General Technologies is the right IT partner?

    Each organization has a different set of requirements and we, as a technology partner understand that at Incanic Technologies. Our DS and DR solutions include-

  • Business Continuity solution to deliver zero RPO and near-zero RTO for your most critical application data
  • Data protection across your storage infrastructure with set-it-and-forget-it policy management
  • Unified protection for NAS and SAN workloads
  • Flexible configurations incorporating flash, disk, and software-defined technologies
  • Enterprise-wide protection for the data center, remote sites, or the cloud protection of enterprise applications