VC & AV solutions

Video conferencing is one of the most effective and efficient ways for companies to communicate. It saves companies on travel costs, promotes more face-to-face interactions, and increases productivity. Video plays a huge role in providing the many benefits of video conferencing, but the importance of clear audio is too often overlooked. Audio issues can completely negate the benefits of video conferencing by hindering communication efforts. What are some causes of audio issues in video conferencing—and more importantly—how do companies solve audio issues? Let’s explore.

Key Benefits:
  • Video & audio Conferencing Increases Productivity.
  • Video & audio Conferencing Saves Time
  • Dividing the wall into sections, so that different sections can show different sources.
  • Using a true “multi-source” video wall that permits several sources to be used simultaneously (gives more flexibility)

Companies have a significant number of departments that communicate with clients; however, sometimes customer-company interaction cannot be achieved due to availability matters, given that departments have to deal with heavy workloads and clients have no time to travel to the company’s facilities to speak with one of its representatives.